Friday, 29 January 2010

Me on dancing

A little while ago, one of my favourite bloggers got in touch with me with some great resources for Girl Germs and to ask me about some zine things. He also asked me to fill in a questionnaire about dancing for his other blog, 'History is Made at Night'.

Here are my responses.


Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well so much for this blog helping me to write more often eh?

Quite a lot has happened since I last posted. The most important happening being full-time employment. I start my job on Tuesday which is pretty exciting, but I've already done a week of cover there and I LOVE it. The manager is about my age and she's great, really cool and interesting. Oh, and it's A CUPCAKE SHOP. I am making a living selling glittery cakes, awesome!!

The hours are long, but I really feel relaxed about money for the first time since I graduated. I thought about money constantly, I haven't been able to any of the things I wanted to do. I'm so excited about being able to buy a book, go to the cinema, get my tattoo guilt-free, put some money into getting the Girl Germs distro going. I'm not an extravagant person, but there are some things I just need to be able to do to stay sane and feel like a human being.

I had a very late birthday party on Saturday which was kickass. All of my fave people in the same room as each other for once. This included my wonderful sister Lizzie. Here's a picture of us (not taken at this particular party):

(I'm the black-haired one.) She stayed all on Sunday too which was unexpected and brilliant. We had a long chat in the morning about everything, really difficult stuff we've been through together. We both ended up in tears. I'm so lucky to have a sister like her.

And yesterday was Laura's birthday!! We went to the Prince Charles cinema to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and then had a Pizza Hut dinner. I love hanging out with Laura and Dan, we inevitably end up geeking about bikes!!

Speaking of which, I'm starting to sand down and re-spray my bike tomorrow. I've always wanted a sky blue bike!! I'll post a picture when it's finished.

Over and out.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

so, today went wrong.

But it sure was fun.

I had a list of things to do today which included applying for a job and sorting out my online banking.

Instead, my friend Henry drove me and Taki up to Tour de Ville, a bike shop in London Fields. The owner has done a runner and the landlord is selling everything off cheaply. Except 'everything' was a weird bunch of junky old parts and lights so old that they don't even make the batteries for them anymore.

After drinking weak but posh tea at our friends' flat and driving around East London for what seemed like forever, we decided to head to Surrey Quays. Surrey Quays has to be one of the most depressing parts of inner London but it is good for two reasons: 1. It has cheap bowling, 2. Because it has a Decathlon where you can by cheap (but crappy) bike bits. I treated myself to a new back light, but the best thing about today is this:

It's a pink helmet, in the shape I love, with a rainbow on it. It now also has some Star Wars transfers and Class War stickers, one of which says 'Alternative energy? Burn The Rich!'. Nice.

So I've procrastinated again. The story of my life. My excuse this time is that I was being driven around, so I didn't have a choice.

What a crap excuse.

Monday, 4 January 2010


First blog posts are always really scary I think. It's like the first page of a school notebook. If you make a mistake on that clean page, you just want to throw it away and never look at it again. Oh well.

I have another blog called Swimsuit Issue where I post about feminist related stuff. I cross-post my articles for BitchBuzz there too. The only problem is, there isn't room for anything personal on there because it doesn't fit too well with the tone of everything else.

This blog is going to be more personal, with things about the club night I run with Laura, as well as other bits and bobs. Probably not very interesting for anybody that reads it, but I've felt a bit blocked up with ideas and ramblings recently.

Starting 'hey goo!! what's new?' was on my to-do list for 2010. I feel like my life has got a bit messy. I'm really poor because I only work one day a week after my last job went wrong. (My one day is in a dusty old bookshop though so it could be worse.) I haven't checked my bank balance in ages, I've got behind with articles I'm supposed to be working on and my flat is a mess. All things I have resolved to resolve this year!!

Other things I need to do this year:

*Make a new zine and get all of the many copies of my last one out somehow.
*Make Girl Germs the most amazing club night EVER. (It kind of is already)
*Learn to do more of the maintenance bits on my bike myself instead of relying on my boyfriend, Taki.
*Learn some bike tricks!! (I see plasters in my future.)
*Get the Girl Germs website and distro up and running.
*Do my part in making Ladyfest Ten the best Ladyfest there has ever been.
*Get my tattoo.
*Update my blogs regularly.
*Try to get paid for writing something.
*Make a success of the brilliant project I'm planning with Laura. (All will be revealed.)
*GET A JOB. Any job, for now.

So this is my first post in my new blog. And it wasn't too scary. I'm going to leave you with something inspirational from Fraeulein Zucker. I fully believe that is how every blog post should end.